Let Magnus Home Improvements take that old space and renovate it into something you love.

Bathroom Renovation

Home renovations make a space distinctly yours and add value to your home. Working onsite as contractors and carpenters, we make sure you get the highest quality of work. While every renovation project is unique, three key factors must always be considered: project budget, time to complete the renovation, and style of finishes.

Bathroom renovations add substantial value to your home and can get you a better price if you’re about to sell. The same goes for kitchen renovations. In these two cases, the project budget would be prioritized to maximize the return on your investment. 

If you need to complete a renovation project within a certain timeline, it’s important to remain flexible with finishes as we’ll work with what our suppliers have in stock during your project. Your budget also needs to be flexible in this case as more employees are dedicated to getting your project done on time.

Finally, when interior design or the style of finishes is the top priority, the project’s timeline and budget must accommodate the sourcing of specific materials. You may need to wait or pay a little more for that one and only vanity or perfect tile.

When it comes to your home renovation project, you set the priorities. Magnus Home Improvements will make it great.


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